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History and Roleplay Event this Saturday

Cillean, Jan 23, 13 10:00 AM.
Go to the Event Calender and sign up for the first Roleplay event of this guild. See the description for the setting and some basic knowledge about roleplaying. You are welcome to set a comment at the event if you have questions about roleplaying or if you want more information. Everyone is welcome and try to have fun here!!

The History of the guild is now online. I have done my best to make this story nice and correct by the official history of the star wars universe. Go to 'The League' and click the link of the story to read it, or click the link below!

Have fun and cheers!

Become a part of the endgame elites

Cillean, Jan 15, 13 7:43 AM.
You see people with awesome gear, about epic battles and complicated tactics and victory, and you want to be part of that!

The guild organizes several Operations and Hardmode flashpoints from which you can get this awesome loot, but you need to have some gear already and know all the stuff. How can you do thisd?

You have to be:
- Level 50 and have the Tionese gear set or better, focussed on PvE fighting
- Willing to spend money on modifications, augments and other stuff to improve your gear. This is not cheap.
- Willing to do Daily quests in Section X and other areas to earn commedations and gear.
- Watch video's online and provided here on the site, so you become familiar with the tactics of all the oeprations and hardmode flahspoints.
- Open to both recieveing and giving help to/from others and able to listen to the officers and event organizers and follow their instructions.

If you are new to endgame and you know not even the half of what is listed above, we will gladly help you understand how it all works! We are here to help you so do not hesitate to ask!

Join the endgame and have a superfun time with guildies during these epic events.
Welcome to the Guildsite of The Astral League!

For some sections you have to be site member to access. You can apply on the application forum if you are not a member of the guild yet.

This guild is a PvE and PvP focussed guild. We have daily warzone events for the levels 1-49 and organized flashpoints for the levels 30-50.

Members can sign up for flashpoints in the Event Calender after you added your in game character in the Roster.

You can find lore in 'The League'
Discussions in "Forum"
Information about crew skills and trading section in 'Astral Trade network'
You add you character in ' Roster' with which you can apply to events like Warzones and PvE in the 'Event' section
Do you have nice printscreens of you in your gear or just nice pictures? Upload them in the 'Gallery'

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